Cash Back Policy

Money back guarantee:

As Noseless believes that customer satisfaction is our highest goal, and due to our unlimited confidence in the quality of our products and their guaranteed and impressive results, Noseless has adopted for the first time in the Arab world a cash back policy on the FULL RHINO-CORRECT SET™ in case that the client is not satisfied with the results. This decision was to build an interconnected chain of trust and honesty with all our clients around the world.

Now you can enjoy the complete comfort in making the purchase decision from Noseless without any concerns regarding the results and quality of our products, all you have to do is just buy and use regularly to get the best results, and in case of dissatisfaction with the results you can simply get your money back.

Cashback policy is activated by following a simple set of instructions, the goal of which is to ensure that you use our products correctly and regularly and to ensure that you are getting the highest benefit from our free medical support service in order to get the best results quickly and easily.

To activate the cashback policy, please follow the following instructions as soon as you receive the product:

  • Sign up at the Noseless store on the same day of receiving the product.
  • A clear picture of the face and nose is sent before starting using products, during and after the completion of their use, this should be done every 2 weeks (Send it to medical support email).
  • The daily usage follow-up form sent with the products should be fully filled out, showing the number of minutes of use each day, and a photo of this form should be sent every 2 weeks (Send it to medical support email).


  • Customer cashback requests are reviewed after 90 days of proper and regular use of the products and after all previous instructions have been fulfilled or the order is considered null and void.
  • If the Noseless’s Medical Support Department approves the cashback request, 75% of your purchases will be refunded immediately.

Noseless’s management sincerely thanks all its customers for their precious trust in our products and we always promise to keep this trust, and we are always happy to serve you.


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