Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Noseless Store is committed to respecting the privacy of all users of the website: http://www.noseless.store to protect personal information that it collects and / or uses from data collection and / or personal information that it uses.

Collection and use of personal information

This personal information will be collected and / or used in accordance with the Privacy Policy. As part of registering or using the site, you will be required to provide us with specific personal information such as the customer’s name, shipping address, email, and phone number.

We may also need to collect some specific financial information, for example your credit card and / or bank account details. Note that this information is used for invoices and complete the product ordering process.

Notice: When you register on the site, you must not publish any personal information (including any financial information) on any part of the site except for the “account management” part, and this is to protect you from the possibility of your exposure to fraud or theft of your identity information.

Notice: (Privacy Policy) may be updated or modified at any time, by announcing this amendment by publishing the updated version on the website. The content of the updated version of the (Privacy Policy) shall be in effect as of the date of its publication.

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